Saturday, September 25, 2010

XWXPXMX: Anti-music for the soul performing at this year's festival


XWXPXMX is the Orange County based project of Ryan and Gabe from local punk band Leash Kids, Bucket of Scum and various others. The approach here is more raw and not necessarily directed towards meeting noise 'guidelines' but rather letting their extreme outbursts of energy and abuse of sound project raw harsh noise.


You guys participated in last year's noise festival, how did you like it and what are you looking forward to this year?

Last years festival was more of an experiment in itself, majority of the crowd [being a curious walk-in crowd] found it very grotesque, and indespicable! most of the crowd was the noise band and the friends of noise bands itself! All in all, the best part was expressing and collaborating our many facets and perceptions on "music itself." This year we are looking forward to the many bands/projects/artists performing and working on our unique performance as well. We also enjoy the publicity it is getting!


How did you become interested in noise and who are your major influences?

gabe [the other member] showed me a glenn branca video a few years back, and it was awesome! influentially, we do not really related or compare ourselves to other musicians. In simple context, we try to make music out of an erratic selection of objects and sounds! In other words,our main influences would be none other than the sounds/atmosphere created by our surroundings!


You guys are part of other really interesting projects could you tell us about those?

We've had several other noise/experimental projects:
outside of XWXPXMX we've had:
PEOPLE: a no-wave collaboration using several distortions and effects(hiatus)
Bucket of Scum: noisy violent shit-core (Dormant)
MANTRA: a solo project using a "band" setup making experimental music (in progress)
anal anus: a solo project usin household sounds (dormant)
Imploding Walri: dadaistic music


XWXPXMX performs at this year's noise festival along fellow orange county noise heads Yuko Imada, Six Mystic Points and many more. Be sure to check them out as they return for another harsh noise assault!

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