Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ellen Degenerate: Nomadic harsh noise psychadelia performs at this year's festival


Ellen Degenerate is the nomadic noise project of Vincent Catanho. Once based in Orange County, currently residing in Los Angeles County, but always making his way back to the local scene. His projects have always varied in style, but never fail to satisfy during a live set.


You had a project prior to this called sloppy cock that was more of an extreme noise/punk band, what made you change direction and name of your project?

Taking less drugs changed my direction. Around that time I was taking lots of psychedelics and it didn't exactly make me a hippie. I was pissed off and Sloppy Cock was all about hate and the drugs gave me confidence to offend people. I wanted to blow out their eardrums and crush them with dissonance. After that summer, I moved to Hawaii for a year and mellowed out. I continued to make harsh noise but slowly integrated more music into my recordings. When I moved back to Santa Ana, John (drums) and Paul (guitar) were too involved with their main project Nasa Space Universe to make time for Sloppy, as they should've been. Me and Paul tried doing Sloppy by ourselves but it wasn't as satisfying. As for my new direction, there really isn't one. When I listen to the last tape I put out, it sounds like a compilation. And even though I've only played a handful of shows, none of them were the same. Sometimes its trance, sometimes its psyche and sometimes its really cheesy pop. As for the name, its just a stupid pun. I like stupid puns.

You've participated in most of the local noise shows that we've organized in the past. Do you feel the noise scene is developing more than it was before?

I'm not really sure how the scene is doing. I don't live in Orange County anymore and never go to shows there unless Nasa is playing. I guess its developed more with Steven setting up shows and Moribund Tree Records but other than that I don't know. I kind of hate Los Angeles too, but its a great place for shows. Orange County doesn't have enough people that like noise or experimental music to keep up with LA shows and I'm not sure if it ever will. But the good news is that it seems like each noise fest is bigger than the last.


You recently started a label, Funky Brewski, how is that going?

Its going. So far there's been five releases. The last release was a cd reissue of the first Ellen tape that also included unreleased stuff, songs from the Funky Brewski Vol. 1 comp and songs from the last tape Sementics. I'm also working on a VietMAN tape (Nasa Space Universe's d-beat side project including myself on bass) and some new Ellen stuff. Its all coming together slower than I would like but I've been busy with other things. Ellen and Funky Brewski have become side projects. My main focuses right now are playing drums in my new band Future Shock and recording other bands for money.


You missed out on the last santa ana noise festival, is there anything you're looking forward to this time around?

I don't recognize half of the names on the flyer so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing them play. I'm also looking forward to meeting new people and hopefully selling some stuff. I have a brand new set to debut as well and it is guaranteed to get your ass shaking and covering your ears at the same time.

Ellen Degenerate will perform at the second annual noise festival and will also be contributing artworks to the noise inspired art show. Check out his label Funky Brewski and support his various projects by coming to the show!