Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yuko Imada 'Ome' album available for streaming on Youtube

We uploaded a whole album on youtube. The description should let you know what track you're on. Can't look at youtube here at work so the best I could do for now is this link I found to one of the songs. This album is harsh and if you haven't heard of it yet, it's one of the earlier works released a little bit after the two ambient albums on Moribund Tree. Some of the tracks however had existed prior to that, but this album is a solid compilation of Yuko Imada's well orchestrated harsh noise side.

going to be consistently adding more and more tracks from Orange County noise artists for streaming. Still in the process of finding a decent spot to host a show.

In Yuko Imada related news, there is a Nono. album 'no crying' in the works right. It will be released in a cdr edition and limited cassette boxset. However you can stream it right now from Garrett's Bandcamp href="

also follow the activity of his label
and his personal blog